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Welcome to the official and original First Class Corporation Web site, the best and the biggest escort company in Ecuador, besides welcome specially in this age so happy with many anniversaries and international parties like Halloween, Chrismas and much more, our organization is the only ecuadorian escort company with the trademark "First Class" legacy registred to us and located in few main citties in Ecuador absolute professional and speciality in provee true luxure personnel and services for both sex.

We were the first agency and company whose trascendet our geografic limited "Guayaquil" the main ecuadorian port, location where we won the most part of the business and attended to main international exclusive hotels chaings.

In just few months our great service and girls made the razon to grow up in all Ecuador, in special Guayaquil and Quito but alse we are available in Cuenca, Ambato, Machala, Huaquillas, Loja, Manta, Portoviejo, Playas, Santo Domingo, Montañita and the only one hight class service in Galápagos Islands Santa Cruz & San Cristobal... 

This new mentality really revolutionized and changed the concept of "escort" and "private services" for adult people in Ecuador, to the clients and the competency with good and bad results because our name, trademark, website were copied by others no legal websites whose borned after ourself and just have been grown up beside our steps...

But definitely we are the pioneer in all country, with a really special professional style of services very same and maybe much better than other escort agencies from United States and Europe because we emulate and improve all strategies and types of services provided by the best from the first world since several years ago until the present day... 

We positioned ourselves in Ecuador to be the only one escort company on line that showed the global sex offer by professional way only, using true, authentic and hight digital pictures.

Actually we have few contacts and girs at others south continental points like Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Santiago, Buenos Aires, etc. But very soon we will have more proyects in others main countries of South American and the Caribbean.

Our current philosophy is manage the best personnel of course that is rigorously selected, previously evaluated, analyzed from many different aspects, physical, esthetic, emotional, psychological, sexual, etc.

We are interesting to meet safe people only, we mean first class people, from good families, hight status, privates colleges, who don t have any experience in this business or same jobs, like prostitutes or table dancers, we believe this is a very exclusive service for very luxure people only so... our clients trus to us and hope the best only.

These objetives are so hard, really dificult, is so easy to talk about this but to make true... is another thight, on the practice is very different. Is not simple to be the best in this complicated market.

The topic is complicated too, because this business is so polemic, competitive and one of the most jealous and envied in the present day, but we are available to fight and compete sucesslly in this battle, the Pleasure Trate.

So, is totally clear that we were the pioneers and we are the best sucessfull escort agency in the present day in all Ecuador but this was enough cause to been born a fraudulent agency and no legal web site represented by so dangerous guy and ordinary colombian woman who live in the capital Quito.

The problem with them is more serious than seems because these misery people copied our entire web site to appear to be like us on the line, they copied everything of us, name, trademark, web page, books, pictures, girl names, rates, memberships, vip zone, marketing, advertising, slogans, all absolutely all.

Finally is obvious wich one is the true First Class company we have many proofs of this, our trademark is legally registred in the "IEPI" Ecuadorian Institute of intellectual property, International class 38 and 41 as Web sites and Models and company ladies, we took legal actions to them two years ago and very very soon we will have result and justice but we warring to you to don t make a huge mistake to confuse our web site with them, please don t do that never.

Without more preambles we cordially invite you to enjoy all the many services on our website, where you can find topics related to erotic tourism, adult entertainment, night activities, tourist destinations, tourist memberships, commercial directories, online services, classifieds, news, galleries, pictures of the main geographical points of Ecuador and much much more...And we leave you with one suggestion: Enjoy!


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